How to remove red eye from photos on iPhone

When you take pictures in low light with the flash is turned off, you end up in include red eyes or glowing. You can treat this problem with a few simple steps to get a beautiful picture.

Contain a tool to modify images in the phone iPhone feature is easy to use. Here’s how to fix red eye in photos on iPhone.

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How to remove red eye from photos on iPhone

Select your image and follow these simple steps to remove red-eye or available.

1) Click Edit from the top right.

2) Select the eye icon from the top left.

3) you will see a window asking you to click on each red eye. As you do this, you can see that the background removal you can click on one eye more than once if necessary.

4) when finished, click Done.

إزالة العين الحمراء من الصور على iPhone

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