How to remove the person in the picture with one touch on the iPhone

There are many ways to make the photo better already after creation. However, almost all of them boil down to be processed in a photo editor to master that many of us are either lazy or have no time. But if you apply the filter, or, say, make the contrast a little is just a few moves, here’s to retouch it by removing unnecessary details or even people who accidentally got in the frame, will be much more difficult. Fortunately, for such purposes there is a app Bye Bye Camera.

Developers Studio Do Something Good created app Bye Bye Camera, which automatically delete unwanted people from photo. Trained algorithms analyze the image and find it on the contours of the human body, retouch it, then by yourself can fill in the background. The result is a picture free of people, even if more than one, which is extremely useful, for example, in post-processing landscape photos.

How to remove a person

As seen in the pictures, the app actually deletes the persons in the photo, but preserves the signs of their presence in the frame. So, remove the shadow algorithms can not do. Animals also retouched not always. For example, if a person keeps a dog in her arms, she will disappear, but if it is free-standing on the ground next, the algorithms will remove only its owner, leaving the animal where it was.

In General, the quality of retouching depends very much on the background. If the background is colorful and algorithms need to finish a lot of small parts, most likely, the result will be unsatisfactory. But when processing photos taken in a more or less coherent background, to see signs of retouching would be virtually impossible. However, should pay more than 200 rubles, to decide, of course, only you.

Title: Bye Bye Camera
Publisher/developer: Do Something Good
Price: Free
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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