How to repair Samsung problems Galaxy Fold?

Forced Samsung to postpone the launch of the first phones folding, Galaxy Fold, and after that revealed auditors flaws in the hardware of the phone during a recent test before the commercial expansion which was scheduled for late April.

Has been revealed to the reviewers about two problems: the first is to give the screen after removing the protective layer that he thought the reviewers that removed an option, and the second is a sliding little things in the slot between the joint company and in the refraction of the screen from the inside.

In the event that Eva held these days in Berlin, she returned Samsung finally by the rate of Galaxy Fold in preparation to launch it commercially, so what fix it. the giant Korean phone rollaway for?.

First, change the most obvious, is the layer of protection that wasn’t written to cover the screen from the top, but became extended to the bottom of the screen even almost be hidden can’t be seen; what is very hard to be removed by trauma or even pledge!.

Relate to most of the other changes the joints, which became more stable, the attribute has narrowed so the hole between the hinges and behind the screen, and also shrunk too the slot when you close the phone.

The Samsung coverings of plastic for the top and bottom of the screen when the joint, for sliding the small things inside the hole between the hinges and the screen. As the Korean metal layer of the bottom of the screen, to increase the thickness of it after it was touched during use suggests that it is thin and punctuated by air bubbles.

So changes make the Galaxy A Fold appears as a different device, even though the internal specifications will remain the same announced last April; The your tablet screen 7.3 inch dimensions wide phone 4.6 inch dimensions long, and battery with a capacity of 4380 Milli-amp, 6 cameras, and processor Snapdragon 855 with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.

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Finally, it should be noted that the first batch of Galaxy Fold available in South Korea on 6 September, to host the second instalment of the markets of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Singapore, on 18 September, and the phone is available at a price of 2000$.

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