How to replace the AirPods, or Some Bluetooth earbuds for Android

AirPods is a very local story. Despite the fact that they are the most popular wireless headphones on the market, they are mostly just owners of Apple technology. This is due to the fact that to use them on devices with OS from Google on Board is frankly uncomfortable. Pairing is slower, the animation connection is absent, and Siri, which reads the contents of incoming messages is not supported in principle. However, the success of AirPods are literally forced competitors to Apple to begin production of headphones clones. Let’s see what happened.

AirPods are only suitable for iOS. But Android is not far behind

Cheap analogue AirPods for Android

If you want to get TWS real-ear headphones in form factor, close to AirPods, you should pay attention to Funcl AI APT-X. This is the product of the Chinese company Funcl, which suggested quite a good solution given the low price of the accessory. If you go to sell, then you can grab headphones for 2500-2700 rubles. However, it will have pomonitorit Chinese Internet platforms like AliExpress, TaoBao, JD or BangGood. However, AI APT-X worth every ruble.

This is the cheapest not really a copy of AirPods

  • Qualcomm QCC302x, which lies at the heart of the headphones is similar to Apple’s W1. It provides them with a stable Bluetooth connection with the smartphone, preventing any unintentional gaps, high efficiency and high quality sound with minimum delay.
  • Unlike most clones AirPods, Funcl AI APT-X is made in the form factor of the plugs, and they have silicone sleeves. They play the role of seals, providing deeper bass and directing the sound straight into the ear canal, and also act as shut-off valves, preventing the passage of external noise.
  • Despite the low price, headphones have partial support for active noise cancelling. Partial, because this technology is only activated during a phone conversation, cutting off external noise.
  • Management Funcl AI APT-X is carried out by touching the contact area on the headband of the headphones. Similarly ruled AirPods first two generations, until Apple made a bet on clicking on the AirPods Pro. Thus it is possible to rewind tracks, adjust the volume and answer calls.
  • The autonomy of the headphones is also at a fairly high level. According to the manufacturer, they are able to work for 6.5 hours, and complete charging case ensures 24 hours operation.

A full copy of AirPods for Android

Those who are willing to overpay a little and it wants to headphones look, as close as possible to AirPods, I can recommend Realme Buds Air. To find more accurately copied from the original accessory you will not succeed. Because if you do not know where to look, the probability to confuse the brainchild of the Realme with these AirPods are extremely high.

Realme did not hesitate and copied AirPods virtually cleaned

  • The basis of the Realme Buds Air is a processor R1. He, like Apple W1 plays the same role, he was responsible for saving the battery life, the headphones work synchronous and stable connection from smartphones.
  • Autonomy Buds Air worse than the original and offspring Funcl – only 3 hours of headphones and 17 hours when using the supplied case for charging. Not that much, but given the high charging rate, you can live with that.
  • Original AirPods only come in a white colour, and the majority of competitors blindly follow this trend. Realme has decided that she doesn’t have to go on about Apple, but because they took and painted Air Buds in different colors – from green and yellow to red and black.
  • Low price Air Buds in just 4990 roubles, did not affect their technical equipment. It’s hard to believe, but Realme is completed with your headphones even wireless charging standard Qi, which is available in the basic (and only, by the way) the configuration of the headphones.

Wireless headphones from JBL in the style of AirPods

What would be cool no matter headphones Funcl and Realme, it is obvious that fans of music themselves they are unlikely to buy. If you are one of them, so you have to like the JBL 220 TWS Tune, which is pretty close externally to the AirPods, but this is much more advanced musically. And if to consider still acceptable price equal to the 6 thousand rubles, it is obvious that the brainchild of JBL risk find serious popularity.

The JBL is clearly more of experience in manufacturing headphone than everybody else

  • JBL 220 TWS Tune of 12.5-mm membrane and support the technology JBL Pure Bass. Frankly, I have no idea how it works, but the manufacturer says that thanks to these two chips headphones provide super-quality sound, typical for the solutions of a higher price segment.
  • As part of the autonomy Tune 220 TWS records do not beat. The manufacturer promises 3 hours of battery life for the headphones and another to 19 hours when using the supplied case for charging.
  • Managed TWS 220 Tune on the principle of AirPods Pro. JBL decided that pressing the arms will be a more reliable method of control than touch, to avoid accidental impact teams, for example, if you want to improve headphones.
  • JBL Tune 220 TWS have the form factor of the ear. That is, no sleeves the design is not provided, and hence about juicy bass should not dream. At the same time, this form factor can be considered more versatile, since with high probability it will not let the headphones fall out of ears.

A copy of the AirPods from Huawei

The latest decision from this list – the most expensive and it belongs to Huawei. Huawei Freebuds 3 was submitted last year, becoming something of a cross between 2 AirPods and AirPods Pro. On the one hand, it is a common ear without the ear cushions, however, on the other, technically headsets with support for wireless charging, active threshold and stylish design charging case. However, it is worth the fun from 9 to 12 thousand rubles, depending on the store where you will buy it.

Freebuds 3 — very cool headphones. At least with the mind

  • Performance headphone delivers processor Kirin A1. This is the only custom chip that Huawei single respect. So there’s a good chance that he will cope better than Qualcomm solutions and Realme.
  • Autonomy Freebuds 3 is better than most competitors on the list – as much as 4 hours. The charging case provides a further 20 hours, which is already very close to AirPods.
  • Control headphones is via swipes on the ear – just like in the AirPods 1 and 2 generations.
  • But Google Assistant Huawei earphone for obvious reasons is not supported, although it would be very helpful. Work with Celia until claimed.
  • Rounded charging case personally attracts me more “cigarette case” AirPods and other models. I have it is associated with the capacity of free water from Bulgari.

I will not recommend any specific headphones on this list. So choose something that fits your idea of quality TWS-headphone and an affordable price.

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