How to report the news Phantom on Instagram

Announced Instagram over the past week about adding a new feature that allows users to report posts that contain fake news, as part of its quest to eliminate the false information and other violations suffered by users during the recent period.

I started this feature to appear to users in the United States already, and would reach all users worldwide in two weeks.

It should be noted that this feature will be available on the application of Instagram on Windows (iOS) and(Android), but it won’t be available initially on the site Instagram on the web.

The following is how to report the news Phantom on Instagram:

  • Open the app Instagram on your phone, and directed to the publication that you want to report.
  • Click on the three points of the vertical in the right corner of the image, open the drop down menu.
  • Select (inform) Report, then select it (not suitable) it’s inappropriate.
  • Click on the option (misinformation) False information to report published.

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كيفية الإبلاغ عن الأخبار الوهمية على إنستاجرام

She said Instagram, she won’t pass each publication to the auditors, and the results classified as false will not be deleted completely but will increase of places to search on new content, such as: tab (explore) Explore, search results from the tags (hashtag).

Referred to to Facebook have 54 a partner in the program control information (IFCN); works are about 42 languages, and Instagram it is you want to capture this data as “signals” of users, and auditors of the facts, to train the artificial intelligence model. In order to use this model in the future to reduce dependence on the checker of my facts to reveal the content false.

As some reports indicate that Instagram is currently working on developing solutions to help eliminate the views of fake concern, which spread to the region during the recent period.

Indicate the reports that the views of counterfeit linked to the tactic again, where it says (account spam) spam accounts share the story look more realistic, which helps in gaining new followers in the process.

Referred to this tactic has started to grow after that has taken Instagram crack down on BOT the admiration, and fans during the month of November last, range types of accounts responsible for the views fake jump between models Russian agencies, social media, and public figures that are trying to increase their follow-up.

At the current time; the only way available to stop the problems of these accounts do is make your account private, despite the fact that this is not ideal for people who are trying to increase the numbers of their followers – until the Ask Instagram new measures specific to the case.

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