How to request your account information Account Info of WhatsApp

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A new feature introduce to the fact the answer to provided to the users of the app the most popular allows everyone to request a report about the data held by the servers on the phone number made of the details.

The new water is very important and beneficial for those who include their account of a large number of communities or those that are working on administration, the report, which will be actually the answer to the supplied includes a lot of information that can’t the user save them in the event of loss account or when it was blocked his number, for whatever reason.

How to request your account information

Request report, a feature available on other versions of the app and can be accessed from the settings app Settings including To Account then Request account info from press the Request Report the request report, and there will be app to view the history which will be available in the report to be ready for download, and in all cases will provide the report within 3 working days.

Then will be available report about the data in your account for a few weeks where you will receive a message from WhatsApp that the download file before it is deleted from the servers.
The king of course can’t review or read the content in the app that you transferred to your PC or reviewed by external applications installed on your mobile phone.

Worth mentioning when you request the change during the three days which will be held in the account setting, don’t change your number or delete your account or re-activate for the phone number, all of these actions will cancel the request from you.

Over 3 days Guide to option Request account info where you find the file there Download report for the compressed Zip file includes the report in HTML.

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