How to restore all your data from Google

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When you care about one of the companies to obtain the largest possible amount of your personal information, the most important thing you need to look for is how you can restore it all, and is considered Google one of those companies that use data and analytics to make a profit, since all users of Android almost from the clients Google the How to restore all your data from Google is something you should know.

Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a service launched by Google Data Liberation Front which gives users of Google products way to download all the data accumulated by the company, andyou can download data from all Google services almost, and is considered a good way to find out what collected by Google only.

How to restore all your data from Google

  • Go to the page to download your data and log in to your account if prompted.
  • You will see a list with Google services that you use or used in the past, there is a key next to each service, run the key services that you want to export your data from them.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Choose the type of archive file you will use Google.
  • Decided to place to store the archive file, where you can download it directly to your computer or to Google Drive or to Dropbox or to Microsoft’s Wen drive.

Will Google then using the data and packages it in of multivolume archives, after the completion of that “it may take some time if you have a lot of stored data”, the link will be sent the file via email if you choose to download it directly or link to on the internet if this is the way that you have chosen.

Be the download option is valid for 7 days only, you can download it 5 times, but you can create as many archives as you want, so there are no limits for time or download, once you get your data, make sure you keep them safe, you may want to use it somewhere and you don’t want to be able to any person else from accessing it.

Delete Google Account

Does not lead to download your data to be removed, but it only gives you a copy of everything for your records, and for wiping everything, you’ll need to tell Google to delete it, this is easy.

  • Go to the page to delete your account in Google and log in If prompted.
  • Read until you understand what to delete and what that means, then click on the link of the deletion.

As she’ll tell you Google that you can not use this account again, this means you will lose any purchases you have made through Google Play or the Chrome Web Store, and will not be able to log on to your Android phone or Chrome book, and if you haven’t copied it or downloaded your contacts will disappear, and the calendar also.

It takes about two weeks until your order will be executed through the system, so do not continue to use the account after the start of the process, but if you change your mind before clearing data, you can contact Google you may be able to stop the process but it does not offer any guarantee.

After you complete the account deletion, you will lose access to data that is stored so you’ll need to make sure that you empty your account in Google Drive and storing your personal data somewhere.

Important things you should know.

Are stored activity search and surf the web separately from your account data on Google, so you have to delete them separately, and the process is substantially similar to the process of deleting the account.

  • Visit the activity page. and log in If prompted.
  • You can review the data stored there or choose to delete a part of them instead of deleting them all.
  • Tops on the option to delete the activity by.
  • Choose Delete by date.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow and select all times.
  • Click on the Delete.

Still Google needs a little bit of data associated with your, but it is tied to your account, and the data contains no details have been saved, just when and how to do something, for example, you can delete the things you search for, while using the Google search engine, but will retain Google record use someone in the search engine your at a specific time using an Android phone, can you read all the fine details and the reasons that led to that in Privacy Policy page in Google, in short, you want Google to see the number of people using each service, how to use, And when to use them so they will know where to focus when it comes to new features or a new design.

You can remove this data without affecting your account on Google, this means that you can clear the log of your activity even if you haven’t deleted your account, the worst that will happen is that you will get accurate advertising based on interests.

How to restore all your data from Google

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