How to restore deleted files on Windows

Delete the files from the hardware even make a “Format” does not follow to delete the effect entirely, and thus remain capable of being retrieved as we’ll see here on Windows devices, but first we have to point out the following:

1 – Delete Files button-Delete, or the option to delete from the Quick Menu (right-click on the file and choose Delete) Move them to the trash, so check the trash first before you follow the steps below.

2. The Recover Deleted files on the use of the storage space left by the files after you delete them, in the sense that some of the files to the newly converted may take the place of the deleted files on disk storage (known as the process of writing) and thus become deleted files non-restorable, so whenever the file was deleted recently as it was retrieved easier.

Restore deleted files

There are many programs that enable the restoration of deleted files, and below it options to provide the service for free, knowing that Recuva is a favorite of many so we will use it here.

  • Recuva
  • Paragon Rescue Kit 14 Free
  • CGSecurity PhotoRec
  • Minitool Partition Wizard Free Edition 9.1
  • Kroll Ontrack EasyRecovery Free
  • TestDisk

After the download Recuva and during the install be careful to install CCleaner if you don’t want it. After completion of installation run by clicking the Run button then the Next to show you to choose the type of file you wish to retrieve.

Select the type of the deleted file and the path where it is stored before I delete it knowing that if you delete a file photo choose recover “photos” so, as you don’t need to specify the path, as only choose the name of the storage part deleted from it such as C: or test I’m not sure if you are not sure.

After that continued for the Next, and make sure not to do the “deep search” (Enable Deep Scan) when performing the scanning process the first time, which shouldn’t take more than a minute if you select a part of disk storage which is deleted Of You files.

Results will appear colorful in green, yellow and red with the knowledge that green means portability loopback full, yellow means the possibility of losing part of the file, red means the impossibility of loopback that needs moving using the paid version of the app; and because of the “writing process” to which we have referred whenever the file size small whenever it was easy to retrieve, did not find the deleted file, maybe you should do the deep scanning “Enable Deep Scan” and try again.

Recovery select results and then click the right mouse button and select Recover Highlighted and then choose a storage place that was stored on the file before it is deleted to determine the percentage recovered in full, and then will begin the process of recovery that goes on by the size of the file; found to retrieve the file 200 Meg MB can be done in 5 seconds only.

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