How to revert from the beta back to Android Q Android Pie

Recently we talked about how to install beta Android Q on your smartphone Google Pixel. However, for a number of reasons you may need to revert to a previous build of the Android Pie. And today we will tell you how to do it.

In addition, the Android Q beta in its current form is not to say that is the OS, which you can easily use it. It is intended primarily for developers and enthusiasts who want to try only the soon to be released product. But after studying it is possible to send the device back. Fortunately, Google has provided such an opportunity and offers a fairly simple way to return your smartphone back to a previous version of their OSes.

First, make sure that you did backup your apps and data just in case. Next go to the page of the beta version of Androidusing a browser on your PC or directly on the smartphone. Important! Log in under the same ID you used on your smartphone with Android Q. Then click on “List available devices” or “View your eligible devices” if you use the English version.

Go to the bottom of the page and there you will see a list of your list of devices.

Click “Reject” (i.e., “Opt out”) to begin the rollback process. Sometimes if you have installed Android Q via fastboot mode using the file system image (not OTA), you may not see the button “Unsubscribe” . In this case, however, experience is not necessary, since the key is “Agree” (i.e., “Opt in”) will be available in any case. Click on it, the system “knows” that the beta Android Q already installed on the smartphone and a key “Reject” will be available.

Now just have to wait. Your Google Pixel “on the air” will get the file to restore the previous version of the software within 24 hours. The installation process Android 9 Pie after getting the file no different from a normal installation of any OS update.

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