How to run application Steam Link on the iphone and iPad

Has a lot to figure out how to run the games Steam on the iPhone as well as on the ipad, after a delay of a full year, the company issued Valve recently the iOS version of the application of Steam Link in the App Store, the app is equipped originally for release in early 2018, but Apple rejected the app at the end of it, and postponed its launch, allows you this app to play games in library Steam your on your iphone as well as ipad as if you use the games on your computer.

Operating requirements

كيفية تشغيل تطبيق Steam Link على iphone وipad

How to run application Steam Link, on iphone and iPad

But you’ll need to do some little work to prepare everything, but it is worth it if you can’t get enough of games in your life, what you need to know first is that Steam Link direct service with little preparation or requirements, you can play it, but with that there are some things that you will need to know before you start; you’ll need to log in to Steam on your computer is on the same local network as the iPhone or iPad.

Company recommends that Valve that the computer has an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi 5GHz, you must have your iPhone or iPad on connection 5 GHz, you will need to the Controller Steam Controller, or wireless MFi to get the best experience, you can use the controls by touch, but this is not recommended, pair the console to the iOS Of Your by preparing the Steam Link.

To do the setup start to install Steam Link on your iOS device, as soon as you find the Steam Link on the computers nearby, select your device, open the application Steam Link, the app will start checking your local network to get a written Steam, after a few seconds you will see the computer that was found, Press on your computer, enter the personal identification number of four digits which shows the iOS device on your computer.

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Will Steam Link to conduct a speed test to ensure a powerful connection between your device and PC, will launch Steam after that copy easy-to-use application of Steam, where you can then browse your library and launch the game, it will play audio through your iPhone or iPad, not your computer, but all what you see on your mobile device, will also appear on the computer screen.

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