How to run two applications WhatsApp or Facebook on one phone accounts various to adjust the settings of the Android system

كيفية تشغيل تطبيقين واتساب و فيسبوك على هاتف واحد بحسابات مختلفة

You might miss a mind for those who don’t new Android operating system make it, I can run more than one account WhatsApp or Facebook on the same phone without the use of the applications of the other end.

Like run WhatsApp with your phone number and run the same issue of the app on the same phone and activate its work with your phone number, as well as the case with your account on your you and application of the president on your mobile phone, you can install the two apps facebook and log in to them, where will give them all to display alerts in the top task bar.

How to run two applications WhatsApp or Facebook on one phone accounts various

This feature is available on the Android operating system since version draw number 7.0 and the years that followed this release down to release oreo 8 and him of the issue.
Water on behalf of the Dual Messenger is disabled by default, so if you who have upgraded their phones to the direct 7.0 or higher, you can activate the work of these clones of the applications to communicate without problems by following the steps below.

  • Of the top status bar click on the icon Settings, Settings, from there to the more advanced features.

You’ll find at the bottom of the list of numbers Dual Messenger press it must find at least two applications WhatsApp and Facebook.

Working on activating the work of WhatsApp, for example, then approve the message to be held by the system.

You will find in the end that system had been cloned app by download sign to it’s secondary copy of the application President of WhatsApp.

In to the menu see the new app here, click on it and activate his work with the telephone number of your second.

You can repeat this with application WhatsApp or any application you find that the system capacity on the cook.

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