How to save battery on your Android

Modern Android smartphones have high-performance processors, advanced standards of communication and navigation, high quality displays, cameras, and other items that provide a lot of useful functions. And mercilessly “eat” the battery so that in some cases the smartphones can be called almost stationary, as they need regular connection to a power source. Today we will tell you about some tricks that will significantly reduce the load on the battery of your smartphone.

Just want to note that the considered life hacks apply to almost all models of smartphones. Just on some of them the location of various elements may differ.

Power saving mode

In Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google has added the function of the Doze, which puts the phone in sleep mode and does not consume the battery charge on screen, with the exception of urgent notification (e.g., text messages). However, there are other similar functions. For example, on a Samsung Galaxy S10 it is possible to limit the brightness of the display, processor speed and network usage.

Wi-Fi is your best friend

Some users prefer to disable wireless interfaces when not using the Internet, while leaving the work cell data network. However, the load provided by the battery, the module Wi-Fi, much less than that needed for operation of the communication module. Of course, to remain without the ability to call is not always convenient, but if you mostly to communicate using instant messengers or the phone you are not always necessary (e.g. you are not allowed to use it at work or during the long trip on the subway) Wi-Fi helps you stay connected and save a couple of percent of battery power.

Disable location tracking

The location services are certainly useful, but very quickly drain the battery. Besides, let’s be honest, constantly we don’t use them. So unplug them to conserve and use only when you really need it.

Discard voice assistant

As in the previous paragraph, the voice attendant — not the one that we use every minute. If you have Google Assistant, go to settings assistant and disable it. If you have a smartphone from Samsung, the same procedure can be done with Bixby.

Adjust the screen brightness

Probably, you do not always need to have your device had the highest screen brightness. Go to display settings and reduce the screen brightness. Your eyes and your battery will thank you. You can also include the item “brightness” to the smartphone “decide” what to set the brightness depending on the lighting.

Check out the Wallpapers and widgets

It would seem, what communication between these elements and charge a smartphone? The most direct! Animated Wallpapers and widgets “eating” much more battery than static. Yes, it looks less beautiful, but we are not talking about beauty, and about conserve. So the choice is yours: beauty or functionality.

Adjust the sound and vibration

Constant notifications from instant messengers, games and social networking apps may not deliver much discomfort. But each “squeak” makes the speaker sound module and the memory of your device. Yes, every “squeak” which is insignificant, but during the day there can be several dozen or even hundreds. Select which programs you really important and which can do without sound notifications. The same goes for vibration. It is possible to reduce its intensity, which will also save battery power.

Monitor installed applications

Updates for some programs can be quite hefty, which has a negative impact on the amount of traffic and battery. You can make the programs are updated only when connected to Wi-Fi.

Also it would be nice to keep track of free apps with integrated advertising. In March of this year, it was observed that some programs were involved in fraudulent schemes, when after the installation of the application they lost the video in the background. Check how much data each application consumes and if you suspect some sort of unwanted program.

In addition, the culprits of low battery may be others running in the background of the program. This we have already in detail told earlier. We recommend that you read this article in order to once and forever solve the problem of fast discharging of the battery.

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