How to schedule messages in gmail

Supposed to up tool to schedule your new Gmail to your account now, if you don’t use it is sure that you will use, where you can schedule emails to send at a day and time specific, so instead of trying to remember sent, like the water of the new Boomerang until it’s integrated into Gmail, making it more convenient a million times.

You can schedule email messages up to 49 years in advance, yes it’s a great way to say Happy birthday every year to someone, is to schedule emails to send later useful when: you need to send hundreds of messages about a product in a certain time such as when you put on the market, and also to send reminders on the occasion such as meeting, working schedule Gmail messages now from your personal accounts and accounts of companies, use look for the arrow next to the Send button in the browser or three points overlapped in the app.

Start using the tool to schedule gmail

إستخدام أداة جدولة gmail لإرسال مئات الرسائل لاحقًاUse the tool to schedule gmail to send hundreds of messages later.

Use the tool to schedule gmail from the browser computer.

You should follow the following steps : Step 1: Locate the drop-down arrow near the Submit button, Step 2: Click the arrow, and then click “Schedule dispatch”, and Step 3: a menu will appear allowing you to choose the date and time that you want to send email to, step 4: Select the time and click Schedule to send, will appear a message box in the bottom left corner refers to the “scheduled send to …” where you can click on undo if you make a mistake or display the message.

Use the tool to schedule gmail from the phone

Step 1: if you use the Gmail app to send e-mail select the position of three points accumulated in the top left, Step 2: Click on points and select “Schedule sending”, the Step 3: from there a menu will appear and you can add the date and time of sending, the Step 4: Click schedule send. Will appear a message box in the bottom right corner that indicates the “scheduled send to …”. You can undo the procedure or view your message.

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What if you need to update or delete the e-mail?

If you decide you don’t want to send the email after all, you can still delete it as long as it has reached by the date set by the preset, just click the “scheduled” in the main menu, choose the email you want to delete, then select “Cancel sending”.

If you need to update the time or date that is scheduled to send e-mail it, then cancel the e-mail, you’ll see a draft where you can edit the content of the e-mail and repeat the above steps.

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