How to schedule time sending messages on Android

Sometimes there are situations when to send a message in a certain time is not possible, and send it need. For example, your friend or relative lives in another time zone and in the moment, may sleep and when he wakes up, to sleep will you. But you need to get the message as soon as you Wake up. Then what to do? Drinking coffee Cup by Cup and to wait until the morning in a different time zone or just write the message in advance and schedule it to send at a certain time. This feature may be useful to those who constantly forget to congratulate your loved ones happy birthday. And so, you can write your congratulations in advance and one again the offense will not.

Unfortunately, not all smartphones on Android have this capability out of the box. But this does not mean that the owner of the Google Pixel, for example, will have to put up with the lack of such a useful function. To implement such a script will need a special application, but such applications are few.

Planning for sending messages to Samsung smartphones

Users of Samsung smartphones series Galaxy and Note were more fortunate than others because they can schedule sending messages through the standard SMS app Samsung that is pre-installed on these smartphones:

  1. Open Samsung SMS
  2. Write the message
  3. Click the “+” next to the text box or the button with three dots in the top right corner of the screen to open the calendar
  4. Set the date and time
  5. Click “Send” to schedule

As I wrote above, was lucky as only the owners of smartphones Samsung Galaxy and Note series. Owners of other smartphones on Android OS to use this function you need to use a third party app.

Use Pulse for SMS planning send messages

Pulse SMS is not just an analogue of the standard applications for messaging available on all Android devices, it also has some features that make it better than the standard Messaging. Although some of these features are available only when you upgrade to the premium version (which costs $ 10 for lifetime access) free version includes the same scheduler.

You will need to download Pulse SMS from Google Play, then set it as the default app for sending messages. To schedule the sending of messages via SMS, Pulse here’s how:

  1. Click the orange ” + ” button, and then select the contact you want to send a message
  2. In the dialog box, click the icon with three dots in the top right corner, then click “Save message”
  3. Set the date and time using the calendar interface
  4. Write your message. When you’re finished, click Save to schedule

How to find, edit or delete scheduled message in Pulse SMS:

  1. Click on “Burger menu” in the upper left corner to open sidebar
  2. Click “pending conversations”
  3. Select dialog, and then tap on the message you want to edit or delete. In the popup the bottom menu you can delete selected message or to change its contents

Use to schedule message sending application IFTTT

This method of scheduling messages is a bit harder than Pulse SMS, but if you want to continue to use it for SMS standard app, it will suit you best.

This applet IFTTT can be used for scheduling message sending using Google Calendar. The only requirements for using this method are the need to register an account in IFTTT. After installation and registration IFTTT will ask for the necessary permission for further synchronization and correct operation. To configure this method, you can go to this link and on the developer’s site to read the instructions.

Use reminders or alarm

In the end, you can use a combination of apps for reminders and sending SMS. Just put a reminder at the right time, type in it the text of the message and when it notifies you copy the text from the memo field set to send SMS message to the recipient.

Yes, this method is far from ideal, but they are now used by the majority to send deferred messages.

And do you use TEXT messages and how they are sent?

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