How to search a certain word inside a video on YouTube?

If you are one of people who work in the field of MMORPG, and their job is to sit for long hours in front of the location view video the world famous “youtube” Youtube in order to find a word or phrase specific to their use, or if you’re someone who likes to collaborate in the areas of work that follow the profile –don’t learn it’s fun for many already-you’re already reading way more accurately to satisfy your pleasure!

Through the browser “Chrome” of Chrome, you can install extensions “India” Invideo, via open this link in Chrome browser, click on “Add to Chrome” Add to Chrome, then “add extension” Add Extention to the installation by the appearance of the icon “invite” at the end of the address line URL.

Now, when you open the website “youtube” Youtube on Chrome browser, when you open a video named “invite”, which will often be a video in English, not Arabic, since the latter is not supported by “NVIDIA”, will appear below the video, the rectangular green color written inside the “open invite” Open Invideo.

When you click on the green rectangle, opens next to the video box containing the text Text, video, and search box Search in this box, you can search for the word stand-alone within the video, or by clicking on the box Keywords, you can see the months and words that have been mentioned in the video, which can put pressure on one to view the subject within the video.


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