How to search the Internet for the picture from your iPhone or iPad

Great still thing this Internet. There you can find anything from the cheat codes for your favorite games before of the goods of any degree of rarity, who do not just buy in the supermarket around the corner. But how to find something whose name you really not know? For example, we can build the associative array and pick a similar word. And you can use the image of the desired object, which may happen to be in the memory of your smartphone. After all, iPhone reverse image search goes to a new level.

This article is a continuation of the cycle of publications about a remarkable application that automates daily processes to the “Fast team.” It will help to make the routine tasks that take a lot of time will be done almost without your participation simple. It’s enough to find in the Internet the command, or, with the right skills to write the corresponding script itself.

How to search for pictures in Google

  • To search in the Internet image straight from the iPhone, install the app “Quick commands”;
  • Download iPhone on a team called “Search by image”;
  • Open the “Quick commands” and execute “Search by image”;
  • Then select the search engine where you want to look for the right object and in the application window “Photos” select the photo on which it is inscribed;
  • Wait for the processing of the request and get the result.

In fact, for users of desktop platforms search by image in Google or “Yandex” is commonplace. However, to perform the same operation from a smartphone without the use of tools would be much more difficult in conditions of constant shortage of time is not the most pleasant and useful idea. And thanks to a quick command, “Search by image” you will be able to search in just three clicks.

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