How to see notices the phone on the computer

The nature of Android open to enable third-party developers to provide the functionality of the system is not in there originally, including connecting your phone to a computer running Windows, provided by Microsoft itself.

Yes, you can connect your Android to the computer and see the notifications on the latter and even interact with development and other functions. And all that using the application of YourPhone from the development of Microsoft.


  • Computer Windows 10 after Update April 2018.
  • Android phone with Android System 7 or newer.

First: install the application YourPhone to the computer and the phone

1 – Install perfuming the YourPhone on the phone from the Play Store. (Link)

2 – look on the computer for the application of YourPhone (wave installed on Windows 10 after a Update October 2018). If you find it, install the app from the App Store. (Link)

Secondly: connect the computer to the phone

1 – open the app on the phone, and click on the start button (Get Started) and then choose Continue, and clear the app the necessary permissions when prompted.

If you have a problem in granting the permissions the way you placed her photo, go to where the app icon on the phone and hold it until the show the sign “i” or “app info”, and in the next window, choose “permissions,” and give permissions to the SMS (SMS), contacts (Contacts) and Storage (Storage).

2 – open the app on your computer and follow the process of connecting the application to the computer application of the phone, record the same account, so you get a notification on the phone is associating with the computer.

Third: activate the notifications

1 – on the PC application, choose the Notifications section, and select Start (Get Started) and then choose Open Settings on the phone (Open Settings on phone), then you will receive a notification on your phone, click on the open option (Open) below it.

2 – look for the application of Your Phone Companion in the list and grant permission, then come back to comment. Once again, click on open Settings on the phone (Open Settings on phone) to apply the computer; then re-download the Notifications page and display any new notifications appear on the phone.

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Fourth: additional customization

At the bottom of the settings page on PC application you can specify certain apps (from those installed on the phone) from the preparation of the “Choose which apps notify you” for the delivery notifications only to the computer.

Fifth: limitations notices

You will notice the same way as displayed on the lock screen when unlocked, and therefore the Prevention of the appearance of the content of notifications on the lock screen, the displayed on a computer will be without content also. As well as you won’t use wisecracks from the computer. Notifications that include pictures or videos will not appear on the computer.

However there are useful features, such as exchange of notifications on the computer automatically, regardless of the phone. As well as, you can reply to some app notifications using the button reply, which will appear below the notification on the computer.

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