How to send geolocation in WhatsApp on Android

Even though I use Telegram as their main messenger, to ignore the popularity of WhatsApp is almost impossible. Today, if you need someone to contact, almost certainly you will be prompted to write in WhatsApp. Not because it is particularly comfortable or functional – not at all, this messenger even there is no tool to edit the message — but because they are all. Very similar to the card of Sberbank, which is at all, but which nobody ever pays. But for the sake of justice I will note that functionally, WhatsApp is pretty good and even allows you to share your geolocation.

WhatsApp is very simple to share geolocation

How to use WhatsApp on Android from two rooms

To share a location in WhatsApp , it may be necessary in different life situations. Most often it is required when someone with whom you’re meeting, is unable to find you, and you have an hour to wait for his appearance. Then you just open a chat in WhatsApp, send the interviewee your location and wait, hoping he can read a map and does not suffer from topographic cretinism. Because otherwise you will have to look for it yourself, and no geolocation and explanations about where exactly you should turn, will not help here.

How to send your location via WhatsApp

  • To send geolocation to WhatsApp, open the chat with the desired contact;

Share geolocation without special permission will not work

  • Click the paper clip icon on the right side of the text message input;

You can share not just precise geolocation, but also the closest places next to which are

  • In the opened window click “Place” and allow WhatsApp access to your location.

Geolocation of WhatsApp, you can open the maps apps and taxi

  • Click “Send your location” or some place where you will be comfortable to meet.

What to do if stopped working WhatsApp

Conveniently, you can not share exact location, and one of the closest infrastructure. Thus, for example, you can designate a meeting place if you’re on the go. Just choose one of the options put to him the point and send the source. He will receive a message in a small window with a map, clicking on which will open it in the card that he installed, or one of the service application call a taxi. This is especially cool, since the address of the following will be applied automatically and immediately will see the price of the trip.

Geolocation in matsapa

Be careful not to give away your location to anybody

For those who have nothing to hide you can add your current location status to be seen by everyone who enters to you in the profile. Such a permanent check-in. However, not sure it’s so safe. In the end, you never know who would have saved your number and who you saved in the contacts list in WhatsApp. It’s one thing if it’s familiar, and quite another if it’s criminals who want to extract some data. Information about your location can used them to implement fraudulent schemes and even threats.

How to use WhatsApp on computer

However, we must note that the location in WhatsApp does not depend on the actual application, and the accuracy of the GPS tracker embedded in the smartphone, cellular data or Wi-Fito which it is connected. So don’t be surprised if the point indicated will be sent to the person with a small offset. Most often it is not critical, but can sometimes cause problems with the search, for example, if you are standing on different sides of some small building or a deaf fence and not see each other physically.

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