How to send high-quality images and compressed on WhatsApp

Facing users many of the messaging apps is a compression problem of pictures sent through the app, which in turn reduces the quality of the images transmitted, this course includes the application WhatsApp.

But fortunately; there is an easy way to WhatsApp lets you send high-quality images without the need to download any application to third-party or sound pressure and lost a lot of its quality.

Is a way to make WhatsApp believe that you are sending a document, instead of an image, and to start you will need to change the extension of the images that you will see them and save them as files again, whether you use operating system (Android), Android, or (iOS) iOS also, then you will follow the same way.

First for users of Android system:

You can do this by renaming your image as pdf or doc in the file manager, which leads to saved with the extension different from the extension of the images.

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After that; when sending images to the recipient, ask them to rename the image in the file manager of Your by the jpg. Will be the original image not compressed, no.

Another way:

These can be way shorter than the way mentioned above, are summarized in the send photos as a document, rather than choose to send photos from the games.

  • Scroll to the application WhatsApp, select the contact that would send him a photo.
  • Click the plus sign to add an attachment to your message, then select (continuous) Document.
  • You must find your pictures in a special folder, if you haven’t seen it, click on the option (review of other documents) Browse other docs, and you will see images fullsize, where you can send it without any pressure.

كيفية إرسال صور عالية الجودة وغير مضغوطة على واتساب

Secondly, for users of (iOS) iOS:

Images can be saved in the application files, but you must specify the folder, either to apply already exists on your phone or on iCloud Drive, or you can use the folder Word for any image you don’t want sent to the iCloud, once you’ve saved your picture, select a contact Whatsapp which will not.

  • Click the plus sign to add an attachment to your message, then select (continuous) Document instead of (portrait) Photo.

  • This will pull your files, and here you can find photos and identification, where it can be sent as documents uncompressed instead of compressed images.

كيفية إرسال صور عالية الجودة وغير مضغوطة على واتساب

There are also a number of options to a third party, such as: (Dropbox photo) Dropbox, and(Evernote) Evernote, and(photo Google) Google Photos, etc., but if you want to send a high-quality image without the need to move away from WhatsApp, it is the easiest ways to do this.

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