How to send text messages from your smartphone on schedule

Text messages have come a long way from the main communication means in the pagers to “applications” to the service of mobile operators, yet, if I may say so, has not returned to where it began, for now, many users communicate exclusively by messages. Yes, someone will say that the ball is ruled by the messengers, but statistics say otherwise. SMS is still ahead of the game. And so it would be nice to know a couple of very interesting hacking. For example, how to send text messages from your smartphone on schedule.

So, if you use SMS to communicate, then you have a very interesting feature that will allow you to communicate as efficiently as possible. However, you need to install one of the applications which will be discussed.

Through this program, you can configure the schedule for sending messages. Schedule settings will be available right below the text box, simply schedule the date and time from there. You can also configure the program to receive notifications (from certain users, or groups of individuals, or disable altogether), and to configure the frequency of sending and the frequency of receiving notifications from the application. As a bonus you will get the opportunity to send not only TEXT messages but also text messages for different social networks.

Textra SMS is an advanced application in comparison with the previous one. It allows you to do exactly what the poison message on schedule. Except that the interface here is less busy and more concise. Pressing the “+” icon to the left of the text field allows you to enter in advanced menu where you can set the date and time. Simple and tasteful.

A distinctive feature of Pulse SMS is that this program easily works not only on smartphones but also on tablets and even in the format of the web version. There is also a separate tab with the schedule of all your scheduled posts, sorted by time and date.

Bonus: how to schedule the sending of messages, smartphone Samsung

Samsung has we need the option “out of the box” due to the original shell One UI. In order to send a text message from Samsung on a schedule, you need to do the following:

  • Login to exchange messages and write text.
  • Click add recipient and contact the recipient’s number (or select it from the list)
  • Click on the settings icon (in the form of three dots, one above the other)
  • Click on the option “schedule a message”, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Select the date and time in the pop-up window and click “finish”.
  • Now click on the Send button.
  • You can also edit the message after planning just by clicking on it.

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