How to set automatic deletion of your Google account after your death

For all the time that you use Google services, the company certainly managed to collect gigabytes of data. The history of your search queries, voice commands and mail is only a small part of the information available to the search giant. All this information is stored on Google servers and can be used at her discretion. But you have the opportunity not only to restrict the company in the collection of data, but also to give her instructions regarding their further use after your death.

In the profile settings Google provides the ability to leave the company instructions as to what to do with your account, if something happens or you stop to use it.

How to delete a Google account

  • Go to the profile page of this link;
  • Go to “Data and personalization”;
  • Scroll through the list of available tabs down, open “Planning” and click “Start”;
  • Here, specify the period after which the account will be deactivated and set the phone number and email address that will receive alert deactivation;
  • Next you will be offered the opportunity to ask the users who will have access to your data before deletion, and configure auto responder in Gmail that will alert users about the unavailability of the account;
  • Then select “Delete inactive account” and confirm the action.

Now after you cease to be active, will begin the countdown to deactivation. Remember that deactivating your account does not mean deleting it. Deletion will happen even three months after deactivation. Thus, you will still be able to restore access to your account, for example, if you’ll have time to freeze and thaw. Well, if till that time, cryonics will remain undeveloped, access to your data will be able to your loved ones.

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