How to set parental control on YouTube

YouTube is a very interesting web site with a lot of content for all tastes. But also can be found on YouTube quite a few spots that are not suitable for viewing by persons under the age of 18. Many parents wonder, “how to protect your child from inappropriate content?”. It’s not so difficult as it may seem. And it will be enough even your own smartphone.

Of course, the simplest method is to install the program YouTube Kids (YouTube Kids) for best parental controls, but more on that later. Below are a few settings that you should pay attention in order to properly filter videos viewed on YouTube.

1. To enable restricted access

Open the YouTube app on Androidsmartphone — click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Then click “Settings” — “General”. And then find the option “Filtering in restricted mode” and switch to the mode “Maximum”. But there is one problem with this regime — there is no protection by a pin code or a password, so disable it as easily as enable.

2. Disable Auto-Play

Disabling AutoPlay will not allow invalid content to slip past the algorithms. For example, several years ago, typing “Elsa and Anna” in the YouTube search, you could look up the relevant video, however after several suggested clips their contents were far from what is suitable for children.

To disable auto-start of clips, in YouTube click on your profile picture in the upper right corner — select “Settings” — “auto play”. Now unplug it.

3. Log out of your Google account

The logic here is quite simple: your personal profile does not hide from you the videos marked “18+”. As you are clearly more than 18 years. So in such a simple way you can protect those who use your gadget from viewing adult content.

4. Parental control app YouTube Kids

One way to limit is to block all other programs and only use the YouTube app Kids. This is a special version of YouTube that is designed for children and it contains only the video for the youngest viewers.

The app has several features that make it suitable for children, such as a timer. You can set a timer, say, 30 minutes. As soon as the time runs out, the app automatically locks. The best in a special YouTube version is a built — in parental control settings. For example, parents can disable in your child’s profile. You can also manually display a white list of videos or channels that you do approve.

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