How to set password on photo in iOS

Perhaps one of the main problems of the standard gallery iOS – the lack of protection mechanism. For one reason or another, the photo or video you can not set a password. In standard gallery you can only “hide” images, and this option, for obvious reasons, useless. But the solution to this problem has been found.

Many users resorted to using third-party galleries, but there is an easier way. All private images can be stored in the Notes app — here you can set a password.

How to set password on photo in iOS

  • Launch “Settings” and go to the section “Notes”. Disable the item “Photo”. This is necessary in order to avoid duplicates;
  • Next, specify the code in the section “Password”. Due to security reasons, it makes sense to turn off Face ID and Touch ID to access the notes;
  • Create a new note and add necessary photos;
  • In the context menu “Share” choose the option “Block”;
  • Confirm the blocking of the notes using the icon “lock”.

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Everything is ready. Content notes are securely protected for viewing, you will need to enter the appropriate passcode. Note that all notes will be synced between all devices. Accordingly, to access private pictures, you will not only on iPhone and on your Mac or iPad.

You should note that notes cannot be recovered if the password is forgotten. That is why we should approach the issue of creating a password seriously.

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