How to set path Google Google Assistant to read you the messages and alerts

When was your mobile phone and call friends and your supports this feature you’ll find to develop a ASSISTANT Google Google Assistant a lot of benefits and you can rely on in the implementation of a lot of skill without costing yourself the trouble of doing it.

Participated for the networking sites

Assistant Google Google Assistant that may come in in advance and on your mobile phone system, or to work on installing it independently, I don’t a lot of advantages that we reviewed most of them.
But we here know a way to set it so that it reads you the text messages that want you here or there, whether those are text traditional SMS or received via social networking applications. Where doesn’t stop the work of this plugin to read only loud, but gives you the option to reply to those messages. And is this decision on your behalf.

Google app and for this application that displays in the interface by the chairperson of the Google search engine and besides it is the symbol of a microwave. Or by clicking on the button of HOME on your mobile phone where the application works on the operation of a microwave to provide orders , or work Google app Google app on pressing the button the mic, and here you have to follow the following:

How to set path Google Google Assistant to read you the messages and alerts

Speak to the app in a clear voice read the following words :
Read my text messages

When the app takes a word as correct, must have known you immediately a message with the escort to give him the authority to read messages and alerts.
You have to click OK OK.

The application will move you to the Notifications tab Notification Access for the app radio to work on this system.

Here, activate button next to the word Google.

The app work, then out of all of the above and press the mic again and repeat the words Read my text messages where you will find the app platform for you and alert to what is coming from messages and alerts.

Exit from the application where it will automatically return when required to do so, in case you have a problem with this feature is that the app to stop working Crash can bet that the app is not compatible with the system in this feature.


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