How to set the duration of times that 3D Touch gestures in iOS 13

We have no doubt that with the release of iOS 13, the 3D Touch interface will become available on all compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod. Thanks to the gestures that were previously only available on smartphones, users will now be able to interact more effectively with the interface of their devices, instead using a reinforced taps long retention. But since this method of management in iOS has been, many were not too happy with the software implementation of the 3D Touch. But in Cupertino have provided it.

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To allow users to adjust the 3D Touch gestures for themselves, Apple has added in iPhone settings 13 special section. There are a number of options that may allow you to make use of gestures more effective. For example, this way you can customize the duration of the retention, which by default was not too convenient for many users.

How to set 3D Touch

  • Go to “Settings” — “Universal access” — “is Pressed”;
  • Here, open the tab “3D Haptic Touch”;
  • In the section “Duration of holding” select “Fast” or “Slow” depending on your preferences and optionally check the change on the test pad at the bottom of the screen.

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The changes apply to all the 3D Touch gestures, including link previews and reports, call the context menu of applications on the desktop, and other ancillary actions that occur in the system.

How to include 3D Touch on SE iPhone and iPad

It is noteworthy that the section with the settings for the duration of retention is only available on the iPhone, whereas the tablets for some reason it is not included. This is somewhat strange, considering that now the 3D Touch gestures do not require the equipment of the device hardware module that recognizes the amplified clicking and is based on software technology-type Haptic Touch iPhone in XR.

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