How to set the priority of your preferred wifi networks on Android

Wireless access to the Internet today is everywhere. And our smartphone is almost always connected to a particular Wi-Fi network. Although your smart gadget “looks” at the signal level when connecting to a particular router, trying to choose the best, if possible, it works not always correctly. Furthermore, apart from the stability of the connection router smartphone, there are lots of parameters that your gadget is just not paying attention. So, if you want to always stay in touch, it would be nice to learn how to prioritize wifi networks on your Androidsmartphone.

Prioritize Wi-Fi networks easy

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Here’s how to prioritize a wifi network on Android

Priority Wi-Fi connection must provide a consistent connection, allowing the phone to easily switch between sources if necessary. Users of Android devices have two options for prioritization of Wi-Fi connections. Some Android smartphones have built-in options Wi-Fi priority. First, let’s look at them. To check whether your gadget, go to Settings, then “Network and Internet” and then “Wi-Fi”. There should be a item “Advanced Wi-Fi settings”, and then the option “network Priority” (the latter 2 points may be of different name on different devices). Now you can choose from a list of networks you need and set the priority from “low” to “high”.

WiFi Prioritizer — Nothing more

WiFi Prioritizer is a free application that allows you to set the priority of Wi-Fi connectivity on Android devices. The application periodically checks the signal level not only between the router and the device, but also measures the stability of the Internet connection, switching between networks, if necessary. In the app you will see a list of saved Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi network at the top of the list have higher precedence than those below. You can easily drag the wifi network above or below the list to change their priority.

In addition, WiFi Prioritizer scans the environment for new Wi-Fi every 60 seconds. You can easily set the scan interval up to 1 time per 30 minutes. You can also change the minimum signal level required to connect to the Wi-Fi networks.

Download: WiFi Prioritizer

Wi-Fi Switcher — All running on the machine

Wi-Fi Switcher monitors your surroundings to provide the best Wi-Fi signal. Depending on your settings, wifi Switcher will connect you to the best local network. The priority here is set manually placed in the corresponding check boxes. But most probably the desired function is the ability to avoid certain networks under any conditions. It also has the ability to automatically connect to new networks if there is no password. And Wi-Fi Switcher has another quite useful feature. In the program settings you can set the network operating at a frequency of 5.0 GHz, which is very convenient. And your router supports the 5 GHz frequency? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

Download: Wi-Fi Switcher

WiFi Connection Manager — Real monster to work with networks

WiFi Connection Manager is not just a program for prioritizing Wi-Fi networks. This is a “control center”. It offers tools for diagnosing the network connection, the graphics load channels Wi-Fi, priority lists Wi-Fi connection automatically or manually, the security type of the Wi-Fi and more. This is an interesting opportunity for “transmission priority”, when a particular network is changing its name, but the hardware remains the same, this “old new” network will be in the same place in the list of priority that were originally.

Download: WiFi Connection Manager

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