How to set up a split-screen mode split-screen for Android devices

Sometimes you want to do two things on your phone at the same time, which is why it is important to know how to use split-screen for Android devices.

Lets you set a split-screen display two apps side by side on your screen, so you can watch videos while you work, or check emails during your test for Twitter.

It’s a useful way to use your Android phone to the fullest – but it can be difficult to setup if you don’t know it.

To help you in the preparation of the split screen easily on your Android phone, follow these easy steps.

How to set up a split-screen mode split-screen for Android devices

Before we begin to list the steps that must be followed to achieve this, you should know that there are some applications that don’t support split-screen mode on Android including Netflix and put the camera to camera mode and games such as Candy Crush which can use in full screen mode, here are some steps to use the split-screen mode split-screen for Android devices:

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1 – find compatible apps compatible apps

Find applications that you can use in Split-Screen mode, you must reach a container applications that have been used recently – and you can do this by pressing on the icon box at the bottom of the screen, this leads to display your recently used apps, so you can easily return to what you were doing previously.

You will notice above that some applications an icon consisting of two small boxes, one above the other – this refers to the applications that you can use for split-screen, so if there is no code when a specific application Vega this app does not support split screen.

2 – Select the first application from a list of multiple tasks

To start a split-screen mode on Android, select this icon for the application that you want to be in the foreground, and when done, the screen will be divided in half, with the app that you chose at the top, and the main menu at the bottom.

Know on this new way to open two apps at the same time in one window !

3 – Select the application of your second from the compatibility list compatibility list

To open the second application, scroll through the list of compatible apps that appear in the empty half-and-click application that you want to fill this part of the screen.

The company can be transferred between applications, so if you want to have one much smaller than the other, simply press and hold the gap and drag it until it is in an ideal position for you.

How can I turn off split screen on the system Android?

Is to turn off split-screen mode easier to run, less an application, just Press on the black ribbon between the applications and drag it to the top or bottom of the screen, so the app that you want to keep will occupy the entire screen again.

If you want to close all the applications, follow the above instructions to close the first application, then you can close the other the way you want it from any other app, by pressing the Home button.


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