How to share an Internet connection from your Mac to other devices

Any iPhone or iPad, you can “transform” into an access point Wi-Fi – this, perhaps, already know everything. But have you thought ever that your Mac can also distribute the Internet? And you do not even need to download third-party applications: macOS already has all the necessary tools. We just need to spend a little free time for setting the parameters of the future network.

To turn the Mac into an access point you can use a built-in option “share”.

The first thing you need to know how exactly the Internet works on your Mac: using a network cable or Wi-Fi. The sequence of actions in each case will be different.

If the Mac is connected via network cable

  • Go to “Settings” – “sharing” and put the check in the section “Internet sharing”.

  • Now we need to select the connection type. In our case it will be “Ethernet” or “Bridge Thunderbolt“.
  • Activate the wifi section and click on the “Wi-Fi Settings”.

  • Now we need to determine the next access point, channel, encryption type and password for the connection.
  • After completing the settings, activate the option “Internet sharing”. You’re done!

If the Mac is connected via Wi-Fi

There are certain nuances: the fact that the Wi-Fi module in the Mac can either accept the signal or give it to other devices. Therefore, to distribute the Internet over Bluetooth.

  • Go to “Settings” – “sharing” and put the check in the section “Internet sharing”.

  • Choose the type of our connection. In our case, this Wi-Fi.
  • Activate the option “Bluetooth PAN” on the right side of the program.
  • No data input is not required. It remains only to activate Internet sharing. You’re done!

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