How to share Wi-Fi with anyone, even the users of Android

Needs to iOS system feature allows sharing Wi-Fi passwords saved on the spot with users iPhone other this feature was launched by Apple starting from iOS 11 we spoke about it in some detail in an article entitled “The advantages and subtleties of the iOS 11 – share the password to the Wi-Fi” can be found for more details about sharing Wi-Fi with devices iPhone. But the most pressing question is how to share the password of the Wi-Fi with users of Android is? Fortunately, there is a test you can solve this problem. It seems that everything will be easy through the application shortcuts, we believe that through him we will find ready-made solutions to the problems of many.

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Offers you a choice of MyWifis a liaison between you and the devices around you of various kinds, where can you watch Wi-Fi easily via code quick response QR to both Apple devices and Android in a few quick clicks. In this way you have a quick alternative to see the Wi-Fi your.

Install test MyWiFis

Install this shortcut to make sure that your device is running iOS 12, installed you Application Shortcuts Shortcuts





Size134.7 MB
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Click on this link to install the shortcut MyWiFis then click on the “get the shortcut to install it on your device.

And don’t worry about the shortcut that asks for access to iCloud Drive is simply where you save the passwords to the network.

Save and store the Wi-Fi network

◉ Now open the application shortcuts and select the tab “library” and then choose MyWiFis.

◉ Click on the shortcut, it is possible to show you a message like the following.

◉ Get to the Settings – Account Apple ID and then iCloud then scroll down to the bottom and apply the shortcuts.

◉ Click on the shortcut again and it opens click on the playback marker.

◉ You’ll see a window prompting you to save the Wi-Fi current, select Yes.

◉ Window will appear, type the password of the Wi-Fi then OK.

◉ Window will appear again to be asked about the type of network you have, whether WEP or WPA . If you are not sure of the type of network you have, you can check the router.

Often, the basic standard at the moment is WPA and WPA2 start any one of them. You can repeat these steps for any WiFi networks other you want to share in the future. Then when you experience it is easy for you.

Watch Wi-Fi

As soon as you finish the previous steps and run the shortcut you will see another window with the option “Save Wifi” and “MyWifis” and “Setting”.

◉ Choose MyWifis you will see networks that you have previously saved choose the network name that you want to share.

◉ Window will appear containing some options including “Show QR Code” or show the QR code QR” and “Show Details” or show the detail and “MyWiFi PDF” output data details in the file of type PDF.

It seems that the easiest way to share Wi-Fi is choose to Show the QR Code or show the QR code. In this case, can the guest to open the camera and direct it to the blade only. For iPhone need the default camera application on property scan the QR code QR as well as most iOS and Android devices. When it will prompt the guest to enter the Wi-Fi network this is simple.

If your Android device your friend doesn’t need a scanner for QR codes built-in camera, you’ll need to install the application to a scanner. We recommend that you install trusted app by the production company Kaspersky Lab security-rich by definition.

Kaspersky QR Scanner



Kaspersky Lab UK Limited

Size76.5 MB
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For owners of Android

Once you open the app and direct the phone to the QR code on the screen of the iPhone, you can join a Wi-Fi network.

◉ You can be two options the other two to see the Wi-Fi useful at times. For the option “Show Details” or “view details” will display the network name and password in plain text.

◉And for option the PDF will display the network name and password in addition to QR code and you can send that data to the printer to print.

You can share data Wi-Fi you have by the window of the posts by clicking on the share icon in the top right or left.

The choice of the MyWiFis a great alternative when dealing with users of Android devices and they are many around you. May seem way out too many details, but as the focus and the determination to learn something new make the effort, you will see after the thrill of battle thrill of mobile commerce. Lost believe with you from the first time otherwise you try again until you succeed. Instead of searching for ready alternatives are not currently available.

What do you think about this shortcut? Experience the way and tell us in the comments have you succeeded or failed? We would like to read the lyrics like I did it and succeeded with me, like what happened in the loading test of YouTube.



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