How to share your location on the iPhone through the application of Find My

Include all of the iOS 13 وiPadOS 13 وmacOS all app Find My that has been renovated, where it combines the Apps Find My iPhone وFind My Friends. Here’s how to share your location with friends and family on iPhone, iPad and Mac through the application Find My.

In addition to the ability to share your location and see others in the application of Find My, you can also find out the whereabouts of your friends and family in the Messages application.

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Now share the site with family lead you through the messaging app or application to Find My, As you can make requests using Siri on the HomePod, and the use of automation in the application Home. But first you have to activate the option to share the website through the Settings application.

How Location sharing through Find My that works across iPhone, iPad and Mac, and more:

  1. Open Settings on the iPhone or iPad
  2. Click on your name at the top
  3. Select Find My
  4. Press the Switch next to share my location to play it

Here’s how to look the process:

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