How to show battery percentage on iPhone X XR XS

Have you noticed that your iPhone X or XR or XS I don’t know the battery percentage in the status bar? Follow us here to learn the four ways to show battery percentage on iPhone modern.

It is known that the status bar is more restricted on the devices X and XR XS XS Max, so that there is less space to display information of the device compared with iPhone previous that had the status bar of the works on display the entire screen.

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Although there is no way to show battery percentage permanently on the lock screen and Home screen on the newest iPhones, there are four ways for a quick look at the battery level accurately.

How to show battery percentage on iPhone X XR XS

  1. Open Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner)
  2. From the lock screen or the Home screen, swipe from left to right (or right to left if your phone is in Arabic) will be the Battery Percentage near the top of the display screen of the day
  3. Ask Siri
  4. Connect your iPhone to a charger, will be temporarily percentage on the lock screen

Here’s how it looks these steps:

نسبة البطارية على أجهزة iPhone X

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