How to show notifications Android phone on Windows 10

In the last month, we learned that Microsoft choose to share the screen between the operating system Windows 10 and a limited number of Android devices, this feature uses WiFi and Bluetooth to allow apps for Android to appear on a computer running Windows 10, originally this feature was only available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+, Galaxy S9 وS9+ Microsoft said it will continue existing, which is what happened already.

Before we tell you phones Additional that support this feature now, we need to tell you that it requires you to install the application to Your Phone Companion from the store Google Play, Microsoft says that the new phones that support the feature now include the all of the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10+, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9.

See phone notifications appear on your destop PC

Besides screen sharing, the app allows mentioned to get texts, documents and photos from any phone running Android 7 and above, and soon you will allow the app to see notifications and the phone on the screen of the computer, where Microsoft says that users of version 19H1 build will soon receive a preview of bring notifications from your phone to your desktop when it arrives to the phone, you can determine which applications will appear with its notifications on computer screen, and if you block someone from appearing on the computer will stop the notices also appear on your phone.

For the notifications the phone on the computer that is running Windows, you must need Android device on the Android operating system 7 or higher, and 1 gigabytes of RAM or more, and that the computer has a Windows 10 version of the 1803 or later, if you disable notifications on your computer this feature won’t work.

Finally, you can get a copy of Build of Windows 10, sign up in the program Windows Insider, as we explain in this article.

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