How to show weather in lock screen for iPhone

He was one of the demands of the users iPhone common is the portability of adding information is the date and time and notifications to the lock screen, in iOS 12 became can view the status of the weather but the way to do that might cut down on a lot of what makes us use it here.

First, you must be sure that the weather app (Weather) on the permission to access your location, go to Settings, choose privacy and then Location Services, and down to the weather, and then activate the option always.

Secondly, you must prepare a schedule Do Not Disturb to go to the option in the application settings; during which time you will activate the water in it will be it incoming calls, notifications, whether you choose to: development length of time or if the device is locked, so you have to live the time you are usually asleep. Before leaving the settings to do not disturb make sure you do put the time of sleep (Bedtime)

You should see a summary of weather condition in the middle of the screen of the iPhone, including a forecast change of weather and current conditions after waking up the next day, hoping to change that in iOS 13 and the water becomes available through the lock screen all the time.

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