How to significantly improve the quality of pictures taken on the camera of your smartphone

Camera modern smartphones already directly approaching photo quality to professional equipment. But this usually applies only to phones upper price range. With a more simple device is not so clear (although for most cases and their lack of interest). The quality of shooting any camera to virtually any smartphone can be greatly improved. It is enough to use a few tips, we are with you now and share.

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Use lens

This is probably one of the most obvious solutions. But one of the most effective. The lenses for the cameras of the smartphone, as a rule, not as bulky as lenses “SLR”. And you can easily carry in the pocket several pieces: wide-angle lens, fisheye, lens for macro photography and so on. This will help you to achieve unbelievable quality of photos, which will not be achieved by standard methods.

Use manual settings when shooting

In order to achieve the best quality of your shots, it’s more productive not to rely on automatics, and put all the settings: exposure, white balance, ISO and so on. Thus in contrast to the “great” camera settings images on smartphones made not so “complicated” to understand them is simple. So experiment with the settings and you will be surprised how much can increase the quality of your images.

Try a third party app to photos

There are numerous applications that will allow you to enter your photos taken on a smartphone to a new level. Most interesting, in our humble opinion, this app is VSCO. It has many powerful tools for configuring and setting parameters of the images, as well as an extensive gallery of filters and ways of editing photos.

Download: VSCO

Pay attention to the flash

Flash is a weakness for most smartphone cameras. And sometimes it is better to abandon its use than to do too overexposed photo. Of course, ideally for good pictures you need to properly expose the light. But even if you shoot in low light, try to take pictures without a flash. It might work much better.

Use a tripod

Many smartphones have a stabilization system, but it does not always work well, so in order not to have too many reasons that can ruin your photos, take a tripod. Well, if you are going to photograph “hands”, you can buy a stabilizer, or at least a selfie-stick. So shaking the phone will be much less. And, accordingly, the resulting photo will be much better.

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