How to simplify working with email in Split View

In newer versions of macOS are constantly so many changes that some users beginning to develop only after a long time after the use of the updated OS. We will gradually help to learn about the new features and apply them. In this arts talk about the Mail app and Split View in it.

One of the most wonderful features of Split View in email client is that it turns on automatically. You just need to translate the Mail app in full screen mode using the round green button on the window. As you begin to write a new email or reply to an incoming email, the screen will be divided into two parts.

In one part of the window is typing a new message, and secondly, there is the window of the mail client with all your letters. It is very convenient and allows you to monitor the incoming at that time, as you type text. A particularly useful feature when you need to refer to something received in the mail.

To return the Windows mail client to the original view, simply click again on the green button.

If for some reason you can’t see the Split View in macOS, High Sierra, go to the settings of the Mail app, select “General” tab and check the item which is responsible for opening messages in a Split View.

Also learn to use a mode “picture-in-Picture.

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