How to solve the problem of 500 internal server error in the network

The longer the message 500 internal server error of the most common problems that users encounter while working on the internet, the message does not necessarily indicate a problems on your device, it can be from the same site that you are browsing it, and in mostly no users are able to solve this problem by themselves at the same moment that appear in the problem, despite the existence of a method that can get rid of this problem, but before we drink the way we would like to flag that error HTTP Error 500 is the same problem (Temporary Error (500, the In the sense that the problem is one, but differ in the form labeled its own.

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How to solve the problem of 500 internal server error in the network

  • Reload the page as Ollie steps that you do to overcome this problem.
  • After that, click directly on the Reload on the toolbar or by pressing F5 located in the keyboard.
  • Wait a little bit until it says your server re-request the page.
  • Will this problem is completely solved after this procedure the last.

The second way to solve the problem of error HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

  • Get rid of the htaccess file permanently.
  • Or edit the file then looking for this line Options-Indexes .
  • Click it to find its butt about this line Options +FollowSymlinks .
  • You will find order or line long as such Options +FollowSymlinks -Multiviews .
  • You have to do to delete it completely from your device and to save the modifications will be site work properly without problems.

Solve the problem by the owner of the site affected

  • Enter the htaccess file and if found where this phrase SecFilterInheritance Off, delete it immediately.
  • Then search for the mod that’s doing Lodz of the server then it is deleted.
  • The work to update the page with the movie panel where there are mistakes.
  • Do file permissions of 644, while permits for folders 755.
  • Finally we restart .
  • Then adjust the htaccess file so that it is as follows
  • SecFilterScanPOST Off

Note : The Last way is for the owners of sites if the visitors face the same problem on-site without other.


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