How to solve the problem of grouping taskbar Taskbar in Windows 10

I started many of the improvements appear on the taskbar in Windows. Thanks to the advent of Windows Vista and Windows 7, it became easy to use the taskbar with a view to install the program shortcuts and access them faster, in addition to showing a preview of the open windows, which helps in the Task Manager better. To Windows 10, we observed changes in the taskbar such as: the search button, a button to display the task, support system design, fluent and others.

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كيفية حل مشكلة تجمد الـ Taskbar في ويندوز 10

However, there are still problems where some users sometimes have to “Start” do not open, and does not respond to task bar commands when you click the icons, shortcuts, or he doesn’t know the preview windows, etc., there are many reasons that can cause this error, so we have to search for a direct and firm. Anyway, following the road and the following fields that we know, will overcome the problem of the taskbar that don’t work in Windows 10.

First method : restart the Windows Explorer

This solution may help you to restore the functions of the Taskbar, when you restart Windows will update the following :

Will update the taskbar again.

You will not need to professional to do this and here are the steps that will be followed:

  • Press Ctrl and Shift and Esc at the same time.
  • In the window “Task Manager”, click “more details”.
  • Scroll down to the tab “processes”.
  • Select the Windows Explorer process, and then click Restart.
  • This will end the Windows Explorer process and restart it in a short time. This may solve the problem.

The second way : restart the computer

Can solve most problems that you may encounter while using any device of art through the re-run simple. When it comes to computers, most of the problems are caused by storing a large amount of temporary files, or double the capacity of the computer, and the solution to these problems through the process of rebooting. So, if you are facing problem in taskbar not working in Windows 10, try to restart the entire system. You’ll be surprised for sure when you find that the taskbar has become normal after that during the restart process.


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