How to solve the problem with random touches the edges of the display in the Galaxy S10, S10+ and other models

Perhaps the biggest problem of smartphones with sloping at the edges of the displays, accidentally pressing. So, if you accidentally touch the edges of the curved display Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+, despite the fact that Samsung is struggling with this already a few generations of their devices, it is likely that smartphones will behave as you would not like it. Fortunately, the same Samsung has a special application which is designed to help all those who suffer from problems with accidental touches on the edges of the screen.

On a well-known online Reddit (under Gadget Hacks) mentionedthat the Samsung app called Touch disables the Edge side of the screen with curved edges to protect from accidental touches. This app you can find at the company store Galaxy, and it can even help the users of such devices with curved screens like the Galaxy S7, S8, Galaxy, Galaxy S9 Galaxy S10 (except the S10e), Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 9. To work Edge Touch your smartphone must be running Android 8 or Android 9 Oreo Pie.

The app allows users to create locked areas that prevent unintentional touch of the screen. The so-called capture zone can also be configured in this application; it is a region where the content on the curved parts of the display will be perceived by the touch when you hold the smartphone in hand. The first of them appears in the application as the area in yellow and the last green. One Reddit user wrote that the app Edge Touch “completely solved” the problems he regularly encountered in case of accidental touches to the screen edges its Galaxy.

After selecting the desired zones in the app for portrait orientation flip the phone and again follow the same setting for the locked zones and capture zones, but in a horizontal orientation. For those who prefer not to spend their time on in-depth display of the smartphone, the application has optimized default setting, which can be used immediately after installation.

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