How to solve the problem with the endless reboot Pixel on Android Q beta 4

A few hours ago Google has released a new beta version of Android Q number 4, and although it is not so much new, as previous beta versions, it was nice to get the opportunity now to swipe the notification to both sides and the lock button rotate the screen, which was in the Android Pie, but then disappeared without a trace. Also in the new beta there is a very useful function of dynamic updates to the system, which we have already said, but without the bad news, unfortunately, is also not done: some users have reported about the problem of endless rebooting smartphones when you try to upgrade to beta 4 Q, first and foremost, this applies with Pixel 2 XL.

Problem of endless rebooting Pixel when you try to install Android Q beta 4

The first problem with the endless reboot was observed when multiple users resource Android Police complained under her post about Android Q Beta 4. All the commentators, as it turned out, used Pixel 2 XL, but other are the same Pixel 2 XL can be updated without any problems. However, one complaint was received from user Pixel 3, which had the same problem, so it definitely applies not only to Pixel 2 XL.

What if the mobile continuously restarts after installing Android beta Q 4

One user of the website Reddit in a special thread about Android wrote that he found the solution to the above problem: for a device from the state of cyclical reboot, you will have to reset to factory settings. Although this method obviously leads to the loss of all your data. Another user said that the reset is not required, and advised those who are stuck in boot loops, shut down your smartphone, go to recovery mode and reboot from there, although users seem to have different levels of success when using this method.

In short, if you have a phone Pixel, especially 2 XL, and you plan to upgrade it to Android Q Beta 4, keep in mind that you may need to reset to factory settings.

A few hours after numerous reports about the issue, the Android team has suspended the deployment of Android updates Q beta 4, to understand what could go wrong. We in edition have not yet had time to update Pixel 2 XL to the new beta, and now check for updates, by itself, does not give any results.

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