How to sort files by folders on your Mac

Automator is an incredibly powerful tool to automate actions in macOS. The possibilities of the utility are, in fact, is limited only by your imagination. And today we see it once again, creating a simple service that will allow two accounts to sort files in the required folders. All you need is just a little of your free time.

Auto-sort files can occur if you work with large data sets. Generally, manual labor is inefficient, so we need to resort to using Automator. By the way, to discuss the possibilities of automation in macOS in our Telegram chat.

Using a simple script, we can sort all files in specified folders depending on format.

For example, in the folder “Movies” we can identify all files with the avi format and mkv in the folder “Documents” files with the doc extension in the folder “Music” files with the format mp3, and so on.

How to create a script for quick file sorting

  • Suppose we need to sort all the images in a separate folder. The procedure in this case would be the following:

  • First, launch Automator. This can be done through Spotlight, or in any other convenient way.
  • In the opened window select “New document”, specifying the section “Action folders”.
  • Add in the right part of the programme steps and custom settings:

    To install these objects Finder — specify the location where you stored the files you need.

    To the contents folder — leave default.

    To filter objects Finder — specify file extensions that you want to sort. In our case it will be file format jpg and png.

    To move the objects to the Finder — specify the folder to which will be added to all filtered files.

  • Persistent service using Command + S or the context menu.

Did you know that in macOS you can set a password on a folder?

How does the sorting process?

Once you add a new image, say, in the Downloads folder, the file is automatically moved to the previously set us directory, for example, in the folder “Images”. Similarly, you can configure sorting any other formats. The only but — in each case you will have to create a unique script.

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