How to speed up Android phone without software

Speed up Android phone

The problem of slow phone of the most problems facing the user, the slowness of the phone to the large number of applications installed on it, so in case the user has used to run a lot of them in the background it will notice this slowness.

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There are many reasons behind the slow pace of mobile, and to solve this problem we’re not to use programs or applications to speed up the phone because many of them don’t perform that role, accelerating mobile effectively even getting them to make it worse, so the only solution we see is to follow a number of steps that will end with them to restore the phone to its activity typical, for these steps, read the details of the project.

How to speed up Android phone without software

Speed up your phone through the processor speed of the phone

  • Write this code on the Android phone *9900#.
  • After pressing it will show you a list of several options you have to choose the DEBUG LEVEL DISALED\ LOW.
  • Her butt will open to you the window contains 3 options, choose the option of MID and select the option .
  • You will notice that there is a big difference in the speed of the phone before and after the process.

Speed up your phone by cleaning up the waste

  • You should go to Settings and to the maintenance of mobile ” some of the devices you find instead of this one option called Storage “.
  • You have to click on storage, you will find that the state of maintenance of the phone simple or good.

  • Click on the improve for Improve full phone.
  • Then click on Remove files and unimportant that appear in front of you.

  • After this process, refer to the storage of new and choose your memory RAM.
  • Click on Remove for each what will tell you the memory of waste.

Speed up your phone by deleting programs are not important.

There is always a set of software that you download on your phone and keep it even though it does not represent any significance at all, even after removing them the traditional way it keeps its impact on the phone is stuck in RAM and in other places such as archives, and trash, and to get rid of these programs do the following :

  • I go to pressure, including investigations.
  • After that Select All option and click on the delete all programs that are no longer important.
  • And I choose the option to cancel the install until you get rid of them completely.
  • But be careful of the delete software task instead of error when the delete just select the manual for what it takes.

The easiest way to speed up the phone

There is a very easy way to make your stolen phone is in turn off all applications running in the background, they are one of the most slows down the phone and cause “the treatment” your answer, just all you need is to do the following to stop its work in the background .

  • Go to Settings then to manage applications.
  • And then click on the app you want to stop the process in the background by default.
  • After that click on the turn off the notifications by removing the check mark from notification.


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