How to speed up Android smartphone?

System Android controls applications running in the background, however, there are cases when the phone starts to hang. How to speed up my camera?

In order to speed up your smartphone, close applications running in the background. To do this, click on the button in the form of a square at the bottom of the display. Then a window will open with the list of open applications. Close the app, you can swipe right or left.

In the case of the Android Pie to open a window multitasking, you can swipe up from the center button and close each app you can also swipe up. To close all apps at once, you need to swapnote to the right and click on the button “Close all”.

The Xiaomi smartphones and other devices with their own shell process should be similar except for the appearance of the button multitasking. In the case of Xiaomi it’s 3 lanes.

Close the app through settings, go to running apps. Opens a list of all running applications. However, this method should not be used because of the possibility to close the important system processes.

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