How to speed up Google Chrome and to reduce the memory consumption by 95%?

We don’t often write about the Chrome browser for desktop systems, but when it comes to really easy solutions, not to share them with the readers can’t. This time we will focus on its optimization. We all know that he actively uses non-memory resources when a large number of open tabs, in addition Chrome is not the best autonomy, which is why many laptops come running for help to the Yandex Browser. With the solution that we offer, you can not abandon Chrome.

We will focus on the extension OneTab, which you can download in the Chrome web store. It saves up to 95% of the memory due to better control of tabs open. Imagine that you have opened 50 tabs, one click on the OneTab icon and all tabs will be merged into one, which looks like the following:

In front of the user displays a clickable list of all previously open tabs, which you can later access as desired. Visit OneTub a chronology of events. Each press of the button OneTab is a separate entry in the feed, therefore, be conveniently monitored each session.

There is another handy feature is the “Publish web page”. The OneTab service creates on the server a separate page with the list of published web pages. This page, no one has access except you. It is possible to share via QR code or direct link. Why is it necessary? For example, when the user needs to quickly switch from one device to another, while retaining all the tabs, regardless of the browser.


Extension I liked. Also as a bonus I can advise Google Search Keyboard Shortcuts, using it you can quickly navigate to search Google with keyboard shortcuts.

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