How to speed up performance of Computer old Mac while browsing the web

When you have computer Mac old, I began to feel that it has become rather slow when browsing the web, it think about is usually to add more RAM to get more speed, but this may be difficult for the average user, where not allow many of the models for Macs upgrade the components of the interior easily, and may not be a necessary step also.

And then we’ll find that in some cases can be the solution to speed up a computer Mac by switching to a different web browser, especially if you use a browser (Google Chrome) Google Chrome as your browser a major in computer Mac.

How you can speed up the performance of the computer, the old Mac while browsing the web?

Is a browser (Google Chrome) web browser the most common among the users, despite the many advantages offered by the integration with Google services other, except that the browser also displays the fact that it strongly affects on the resources of the computer which helps in significantly slow the performance.

Where is your browser (Google Chrome) a lot of RAM, especially if you have more than one tab open, it can drain the battery if you use the browser on the computer, the MacBook laptop, and this does not only lead to slow web browsing or drain the battery, but you’ll also find that apps computer Mac will be slower if the browser is running in the background.

Despite the fact that Google recognizes all of this, and began the last period in the Choose changes that are hoped to improve the efficiency of the browser (Google Chrome) in the Macs, however even up these changes, you should think in using another browser helps you in speeding up the performance of computer the Mac, but what is the browser that you must switch to it and use it as your browser boss?

Obviously the browser (Safari) Safari, which comes built into the operating system (Mac us) MacOS is going to be your first choice, where the browser features that are designed specifically for computers Mac, so you’ll find it tends to be faster and more efficient than any other browser that will significantly speed up the performance computer Mac old.

As you can easily switch also to the browser (Safari) through to import all bookmarks and passwords from the browser (Google Chrome) so you don’t have to prepare everything from the beginning, and to do this, follow these steps:

  • Open a browser (Safari) on a computer Mac.
  • Click on the tab (File) File In the top left of the screen, then select (Import) Import From.
  • In the window that appears, select the browser (Google Chrome) Google Chrome, then select the items that you want to import, such as: (Bookmarks) Bookmarks, browsing history and passwords.
  • Click on the option (import) Import, and then enter the password to your computer Mac if you are asked.
  • Once completed, you can use the browser (Safari) with all your bookmarks and passwords existing in the browser (Google Chrome) easily.

You can use other browsers on computer Mac?

Yes, you can use any web browser and another computer, Mac, such as: Edge or Firefox or Opera or Brave or Vivaldi and allow the whole to import your data from a browser (Google Chrome), and it can work better also in computer Mac.

It is considered a browser (Opera) Opera in particular, of the strongest options, so comes with built-in protection from malicious software, and of great allow pressure to web pages for faster loading times and then would speed up a computer Mac which makes it a great choice computers old Mac.

And remember, no matter which browser you choose, don’t forget to delete the browser (Google Chrome) completely from the computer Mac after the Switch, where does the browser work in the background even when not using it which will slow down the computer your Mac.

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