How to speed up the upgrade process Apple Watch

From the Apple Watch , there is one problem that know all the owners of these smart watches is a long install updates. Depending on the model, load the new version WatchOS may take several hours. However, there is a simple way to speed up the process.

You should note that this upgrade is not officially supported by Apple, so you should use this method with caution.

So, let’s start.

  • Run the upgrade process WatchOS. Wait until the preview time and a progress bar.
  • On our iPhone you must go to “Settings” and turn off Bluetooth. To do this operation should be exactly here and not in “control”.

  • After that, Apple Watch will connect to Wi-Fi, and the download process will go faster. While downloading the app Watch can display, you must re-enable Bluetooth, but we ignore this warning.
  • Just before installing a new version of the operating system should re-enable Bluetooth.

You’re done! The result will not keep itself waiting — the first update you’ll notice that the download speed of the new version WatchOS increased significantly.

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