How to spend a quarantine and not get bored

Heard, the President announced the following week after hours for everyone? Even at a distance and almost do not work, but now it will be possible to relax. But what to do at this time? Someone will continue to buy buckwheat, others will figure out what to buy, and some will just lie idle and clog up the traffic system. I can offer you a few ways how to spend time usefully, but that was not boring. In the end, the quarantine will end, it will be necessary to go to work (many new) and skills here Oh, how useful. We never have time for myself. Now give it to us.

Can be bored as kitten, but you can proesti time with benefits.

For those who don’t want to exert yourself and just want to relax, can offer just to find interesting series and to run through the seasons video series. Well, or to read a book that long ago was going. You can still buy a game for console that are now everywhere at a discount, and pass it. This is also a great pastime. Moreover, it is also constantly there is no time.

The contents

Training courses

Now more than ever a lot of courses that you can buy very inexpensive, if not free download. For example, platforms like Udemy, Geekbrains, kwork, and others. Moreover, they also understand that now they have something to get people interested, and they do a very decent discount on video courses.

Here are some links to courses, which at the time of publication was discounts. But you can search for other options. All portals have a search to find what you need.

Other courses you can find a lot, but investing in yourself is always pleasant. If you don’t believe such sites, the network can always find a lot of other educational materials. In particular, and on YouTube. The main thing that you wanted to study and it was interesting.

Just keep in mind that almost all free courses are needed in order to lure you to pay. Then you just strictly to give in this report. If you realize that you have given nothing, it is not necessary to pay money. In many cases it is possible to get information from the free course, then go to develop a theme in other places. In the end, you don’t pay a penny.

Learning a language is always useful.

Learning languages

In order to learn the language, one of the most good ways are tutoring. Of course, you need to find a good tutor, but that will only help the method go bust or recommendations. Only with a tutor can be enjoyed responsibly. In the self-study is always a great risk to postpone the lesson or even skip it.

If you have no problems, you can try to learn the language independently. For this, you can try a special application, like LinguaLeo, Duolingo and others. You can also listen to podcasts in English or watch video with subtitles. For generally, as they say, the whole of YouTube in your hands.

There are many options, but you have to understand that zadubrivka words will not give that effect, though small, dip. For this we need to listen to what people say, but rather to speak for itself. I remember one advice from a seasoned person as well learn to navigate the numbers. Just need the way to transport or driving to read out numbers of cars. So soon will come the understanding of numbers. The same principle should be taught the words. Not just to read but to analyze.


Even sitting at home can be engaged in a photo. If you have an old camera, then that is enough. If not, come and smartphone, but it is possible not only to understand how the shutter what is shutter speed and what it is necessary to choose the exposure, but also to train the sense of frame.

Even removing the smartphone or tablet to learn how to shoot professionally.

Just experiment and see what kind of photos you get. Many so find your own style and be cool photographers. Then start making money on your hobby. It should be noted that something new is often coming up with self-taught photographers. They are not open-minded on the existing designs and a lot more experimenting.If you want to photograph on the smartphone not long ago I talked about a few budget smartphones with a good camera.

Vlalimir Kuznetsov recently shared their mneniem why the camera 108 MP is not needed.

How to find your hobby

Hobby is for everyone. Even if he doesn’t know what it does, it is still there. It’s just what you love to do and what you like to do in your free time. Sounds logical, but not everyone understands this and they say that they have no Hobbies, and all weekend molded pots from clay.

If you have a hobby, he can devote more time. But at the same time to think if it can bring someone a favor. For example, you like to cook cakes. If you’re good, you can do them to order. Excellent work with a hacksaw and a chisel? Carpenters needed by all. I can take pictures? Earn on the drains.

Examples can be cited. All people love something, and given the rabid demand for all, you can try to monetize.

To collect this car matches them is also a hobby.

How to make your YouTube channel

Someone who knows how to talk and who have something to tell people, can try on YouTube. It does not need anything. Register a Google account and you can upload videos. Views to go themselves. To stimulate only a couple Haimovich topics. Further, if the person is interesting to the audience, it will go to look.

The main thing is to understand that this is not the way to make millions for the ”blah-blah” on camera. To YouTube brought any decent money, you must work and dedicate at least six to seven hours a day. First, it should be a hobby, and there already be seen.

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Clean computer

Oh, and one last advice from me personally. I did that last weekend and was very pleased. I cleaned your computer. I always thought that I don’t keep too much, but when I got my SSD and HDD realized that I was wrong. If you don’t know what the difference is and how SSD better than HDD at a comparable cost, that’s an interesting article on this subject.

Even if you always remove all unnecessary, can be found on the backup disk a couple of extra folders. Delete very nice. It’s like throwing trash out of the house in the spring. Somehow very fresh becomes.

Everyone will choose to do myself, but I’ll give you a few ideas on what to do. Personally, I’m going to do something from the above. You will also advise to think about it. So you will spend time with interest and benefit. It’s better than spending time on nonsense.

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