How to spy our phones to our conversations everyday?

During the past two years, news has spread about the ability of Facebook to show ads tied to about what occur in users with their friends across, which felt a lot of people concerned about it, is spying on our phones and enjoy to our conversations?

Dr Peter Hin Hawaii, a senior adviser information security at Asterix recently that our phones, listening to our conversation, although the recording of these conversations requires activation Assistant Google or Siri voice first, but our phones accumulate a lot of data from various times, which is what apps like Facebook to reach her.

From time to time, go back a few seconds from short conversations to servers of Facebook, what may be linked to a certain time of the day or a specific location, so that all data will be encrypted, how to start a conversation with a friend about the intention of the user to buy new clothes may be one of the roads that lead to activate the audio recording, although Facebook denied repeatedly being used for updates of the users, however, Google doesn’t hide to do so due to the fact that it is allowed legally.

Given all the above, decided one of the editors of the magazine Vice do an experiment to pronounce a number of phrases that may lead to activate the recording of conversations for 5 days with control Facebook ads with caution.

Changed Facebook ads, in fact in the very next day, commensurate with the phrases echoed by the editor through a trade dreadfully, so that Facebook uses this information to target ads to users, but without selling the same information, but this does not mean that this data is safe from the government agencies, especially for the fact that most of these companies list in the United States.

This in spite of all that, unlike journalists, lawyers, or anyone who works in a profession with sensitive information, don’t have to worry about it. in case you are a person with a normal life and not have serious information.

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