How to spying on companies advertising through your phone?

Companies digital advertising has become a lot today, we are here to talk about the companies we use their products every day companies such as Google and Facebook, who have become the largest digital advertising at all, and their other services such as search and social media have become a way to collect user data.

How many times have you been talking with your friend about a particular product, then I saw an ad for the same product or a product close to it on the various web sites that use Google ads or the application of Facebook? I think you encounter this situation several times, where companies are advertising using the microphone of your phone to facilitate your everyday conversations, making it easier for them the ads appropriate to your interests.

This is similar to what you do on your phone or computer, so that if you search for a specific product on Google, and immediately find ads related to various sites, this because Google logs all your searches.

But to-up course to trade on everyday life through the microphone is annoying, is where we as users use Google apps, Facebook and other ad companies constantly, where Google has several apps have the ability to access a microphone, it is similar to Facebook, so that if I access a microphone activated permanently for these applications, they are recording everything you say, without getting permission directly from you, although the privacy policy to use their apps and maybe provide on it, but who does?

The arrival of the different applications to the properties of the smart phone is a double edged sword, so that might be the ads that know you is suitable to your interests, in addition to the suitability of the sites your geographic where the company keeps track of your location, but at the same time, pose a risk for your privacy, so that companies know the various details of your daily life and what you say, in addition to your geographical location the flour and your daily, and after that I got on your profile picture and your phone number, date of birth, with their access to manual numbers with your phone, and if it is breached one day one of the companies, finance personal in all their details, will be on sale!

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