How to spying on our phones smart?

We often feel that our smart phones spying on us and listen to what we say and perhaps see what we do, is that possible?

Before answering this question, we would like to tell you that the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg during the deployment of his image on his page network, social, discover users that putting tape on both the camera and microphone. with her laptop, and the director of the FBI James Comey has acknowledged that he covered the camera to his laptop, describing it as a security measure needs to be done, there are many people who cover cameras and their devices for no apparent reason, you became everyone feels paranoid or paranoia due to privacy and government spying on ordinary people through devices and smart phones for?

كيف تتجسس علينا هواتفنا الذكية ؟

The answer lies in the information disclosed by Edward Snowden a former employee of the CIA during a recent interview where he noted that the government began to move for a new approach in surveillance through the use of smart phones for people because of the spread of these devices dramatically and everyone whether big or small has a smart phone, according to Snowden, the smart phones have become an important means of vitality, governments and even companies are technical and others political, to monitor every what you do, but how does this happen?

Who is Edward Snowden

ادوارد سنودن

Edward Snowden’s lagoon present of Prussia (since 2013) and a former employee at US National Security Agency became the most famous spy in recent years, after he leaked details of sensitive and dangerous and the secret documents about what the government is doing to us to not only Americans but anyone from anywhere in the world which is on the list of more names wanted by the U.S. government.

How to spying on smartphones?

ادوارد سنودن

Snowden said that the process of spying and surveillance have changed since 2013 after the increased number of smartphone users and every person in the world has a smartphone carries his in his pocket, according to the latest report, there are 5.11 million users of smartphones in the world currently, of the total 7.7 million people living on this planet.

Added Snowden to the mobile companies, telecommunications has become able to track smartphones, but determining the identity of the users through the provided contact numbers definition unique and special that phones such as IMEI (special code and non-duplicate is given to each phone) and IMSI ( a 15 digits and includes several codes to indicate the country that works the phone and the name of the service provider and the number dedicated to a user phone).

ادوارد سنودن

Thus when it is turned on your smartphone, your service provider registers your movement and determine your precise location via the cell towers where companies call on the analysis of the distance between the Twin Towers of the signal that the phone you get anywhere near them and so you get those companies on the full record of your movements in Daily believes Snowden that companies call in the arena didn’t care for that information and considers it to be unimportant but now you keep it and store it as a vital information and value.

Adds Snowden that all that data is stored about you is no bad part of a larger theme which is the process of mass surveillance of all smartphone users where governments use that information is important to monitor your movements and spy on what you do even if you didn’t do anything wrong, and this means that everyone in the world has a smartphone is part of the process of mass surveillance used by governments, companies and technical for ordinary users.

What else?

ادوارد سنودن

There is another problem revealed by Snowden, is that the normal user doesn’t know what he’s doing his smart phone What related and this looks very serious, he explained that Google and Apple can help (but they don’t do) to protect the privacy of users if they wanted this by providing more of the restrictions about site, advertising, applications and other processes that occur in the background along with brought many of the control features that allow the user to know everything that happens around him and prevent any attempt to watch him and see what he’s doing.

Did you turn off the phone is the solution

ادوارد سنودن

Snowden says that even try to turn off your smart phone doesn’t mean you’re not an observer or can’t trade it, because your phone is closed works somehow and get to you but how will you know that your smart phone modern closed already closed and can not trade it with the development of those cell phones can access the phone camera and activate it remotely to the side of the microphone as well as apps that have permissions that make them able to act and find out everything about you and all this becomes in the quiver of the agencies and governments that want to spy on.

So what’s the solution

ادوارد سنودن

The answer lies in the old technology and the phones are outdated and which are still used by drug dealers and owners of suspicious processes even Snowden said that the Intelligence Agency agents America, they still rely on those old phones such as your Nokia and LG, Blackberry and other phones that went out with, but why the solution in the older phones, not modern.

Because the old phones can be described as the phones are stupid and not like current phones, smart where you can’t for any person or entity to activate the camera’s own remote can also stop her from working by taking out the battery is removable, unlike most modern phones, which include a non-removable battery.

Also provide phones stupid features and capabilities you won’t find in smartphones such as the possibility to turn off the GPS and even call mobile network as you enjoy technology companies such as Google and Apple collect and share your data with the government with ease, but with phones and old stupid you can’t collect your data because the technology used by these type of phones are not capable of it because it is not the level of development of current coupled with a services complex encryption and that’s why we hear so much about the processes of penetration hacking for Android phones, even IP devices-The iPhone, despite its being hacked by a third party but the old phones are difficult to hack because it is out stupid and do not rely on modern technology.

The current situation

Over the past few years, many of the scandals, your violation of users ‘ privacy by technology companies giant, the current actions are not enough to protect the average user, so from my point of view I think that the best way to maintain your privacy is to keep your digital footprint at a minimum.

How about the word of Edward Snowden do you think that companies contact the phone manufacturers and governments are spying on us and watching what you’re doing?



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