How to start a work day Apple CEO

Today Apple is one of the largest and profitable technology corporations in the world. It is obvious that to achieve such prestigious status would not have been possible without the effective work of the management, especially the CEO. As it begins the working day of the head of Apple and what is the secret of high performance — all this, Tim cook decided to talk in an interview with Axios.

Apple’s CEO gets up very early — at 4am. For someone it may seem open, but the first thing that makes Tim cook — so it looks at comments and feedback from users of Apple devices received by e-mail.

In the first hour after waking up I usually do what I read posts from users of Apple products. The opinions of people from the “outside” allow you to look at familiar things differently. And it is very important to me and the company as a whole.

According to Tim, the process takes on average one hour every day. Then Apple CEO goes for a workout in the gym.

Playing sports allows you to keep yourself in shape, and helps to reduce stress levels.

During training, Tim cook uses Apple Watch. According to statements of the Director General, smart watches help to stay in shape and even contribute to weight loss. On average, the gym takes another 50-60 minutes of total daily routine.

After completing their morning routines, the head of Apple is embarking on his duties and sent to his office. During this time, the email receives about 700-800 new emails, most of which it looks in person. Despite popular belief, Apple CEO a very demanding of its employees. He always asked his subordinates how things in one direction or another and, if necessary, to chastise them.

At the end of the day, Tim cook is leaving Apple campus one of the last. All his work he tries to finish by 20:45.

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